70 Years of Excellence

IHS is the only organization for hearing healthcare professionals worldwide, and members are our mission. For 70 years, we have provided our members with a community that embraces growth, education, expertise, and relationships. When you join the IHS Community, you:

  • Elevate Your Professionalism
  • Increase Credibility and Differentiate Yourself
  • Sharpen Your Skills
  • Build Strength in Numbers
  • Influence Your Profession

and so much more!

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IHS Member benefits are designed to enhance your career, business, and professional standing among your colleagues and patients. We've got your back so you can do what you do best - continue providing unparalleled hearing healthcare to your clients.


Focus on your business and career while we fight for your right to practice! IHS keeps you on the forefront of issues that matter to you:

  • OTC
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Managed Care
  • Medicare
  • Legislative and regulatory matters across state/provincial, federal and international lines


If you're a business owner, you'll love all the complimentary tools we have for you to help you take your business operations to the next level.


Save on all these services and more:

  • IHS Health Insurance Portal for individuals and employers
  • Discounts on CE credits
  • Free score transfers
  • Free CE transcripts
  • Discounted rates for CE credits, events and programs
  • Complimentary wall certificate, pin, decal and logos to show off your affiliation


IHS educational resources and programs propel and support you every step of your hearing healthcare career:


Members access a wide range of promotional assets, guides and resources to market yourself, including:


Become a part of a vast community of brilliant minds. Connect, learn, share with your peers:



Wherever you are in your professional hearing healthcare journey, you've got a home in IHS.


Individuals around the world engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting fitting, counseling patients and dispensing hearing instruments.$325 US, $135 International.

MShip Category: Affiliate

Office staff, trainees, receptionists or any other support staff, educators, physicians, counselors or those employed by a hearing industry manufacturer or supplier. $55.

MShip Category: Student

Individuals pursuing an academic or vocationally-based program of study in the practice of hearing instrument sciences or other related professions. $40.

Does your company have at least 3 Professionals interested in IHS Membership?
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IHS Members become part of a tight-knit community. And every year, the International Hearing Society honors those dedicated members who reach a 5-year incremental anniversary with the Society by rolling out the red carpet.
Hear from these All-Stars on why they choose IHS.

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headshot - laura dennison

Laura B. Dennison, AuD, BC-HIS (Ret.)
30 years of IHS Membership

"I have always felt that if you are going to be the best you can be, that you need to support IHS."

headshot - terrence ozog

Terrence Ozog
5 years of IHS Membership

"Be a member of a society that promotes your profession. You'll stay informed of the educational research, products and legislative issues that are pertinent to your patients and practice."

headshot - maura branco

Maura C. Branco, BC-HIS
15 years of IHS Membership

"I am honored to be a member of IHS. They help us become professionals with high standards, offering the annual conventions, continuing education, industry updates and much more."

"It is so important to surround yourself with successful people! IHS supports its members' development with a network of resources and information."

-Chase Brown, 5 Years of IHS Membership

"I'm very thankful for the support that IHS gives us and how they stand up to make sure our voices are heard." - Paula C. Rogers, BC-HIS, 25 Years of IHS Membership

“Being a part of a larger whole has always been my goal - a stronger voice in numbers. IHS has supported me as an individual, building a small business to help the hearing impaired.” - Nancy A. Frasier, BC-HIS, 20 Years of IHS Membership

"IHS is the only organization that has a voice in the federal government to speak out for hearing aid dispensers and the hearing impaired." - Deanna M. McCoy, ACA, BC-HIS, 20 years of IHS Membership

"IHS is key to keeping us informed and fighting for our rights to keep dispensing hearing aids."

- Antoinette Tiberi, BC-HIS, 15 Years of IHS Membership